Primary SMART Boards

by Hope Beringer

Here is an example of how you might organize sites to use with the board. I divide my yearly websites by month so when I discover a new one, I can put it in the correct month. I copy and paste a screen shot so I can quickly find the site, and so can kids, and copy and paste the web addresses.

Sites with full science interactive programs
Sites to find other sites:

Months of the Year
September Sites

Move pattern blocks to make pattern

Literactive- Read and listen to animated nursery rhymes and play games
to go with them.
Also practice letter sounds.
Letter sound capital, lowercase and pictures
Letter sound, sign language letter.
Alphabet chant with actions.
Stories and activities 1-5 are good for K. Lots of blending practice.

Find hidden numbers in spooky lab.
Number Recognition - Audio given; Click on the number the rabbit says.
Feedback given on wrong response.
Find beginning consonant of object caught.
Story of rabbit and octopus needing to use letter sounds to complete
adventure. Good for choice time. It takes a while and has too much
filler for a center.
Fill in missing letter to complete rhyme.

Choose letters or rimes and blend them by clicking under letters.
Find pictures that begin with that letter sound.
Match upper/lowercase, beginning sounds or rhymes.

What letter comes next in the alphabet?
Find letter to match what they say.


Choose letters or rimes and blend them by clicking under letters.




match spoken word to spelled word. Mostly CVC.
Shows daily calendar. We pick day of week and point to it.
Design ginger bread man
design a pumpkin and read.