Presenter Handouts

Amy Gaughan
Hole Guacamole!

Sarah Gieleghem
Free is Really Great on a SMART Board!
Hope Beringer
Primary SMART Boards: Beyond Notebook Software

Sharon Moats
SMART Science in the Middle School
Rebecca Hopersberger
It's Elementary, my Dear Watson
Meliss Hilton
SMART Assessments
Karen Milczynski
SMART Smorgas-Board
Nicole Faehner
Using Math Tools in the High School Classroom
Ken Crawford
Creating and Using SMART Response Quizzes

Matt Cottone
Make Them Think! SMART Notebook Software
Amy Doran
Leap into Literacy the SMART Way
Bethany Dunning
SMART Board in the Foreign Language Classroom
Channon Washington
Baby Steps: How to Slowly integrate the SMART Board into Your Instruction

Jennifer Uhl
Multiply Engagement with SMART notebook math Tools
Lisa Kelley
SMART Response for Beginners

Trevor Daniels
What's Up with SMART?
Bryan Lindstrom
Prezi Presentations--A new Way to Engage your Students
Caitlyn Harrison
S.M.A.R.T.--SMART Math, All Reach and Touch
Jeff Hughes
Gallery Goodies

Lisa Cohen
How to SMART-en Up Middle School Math Lessons
Sarah White
Using Clickers in High School Social Studies
Craig McBain
Introduction to SMART Math Tools

Jan Harding
The SMART Teacher's Toolkit for interactive Lessons

Jennifer Uhl
Making lessons "POP" with the Lesson Activity Toolkit
Kimberly Woody
Super Bowl and Graphic Design

Sarah White
Using Clickers in High School Social Studies
Ben Hazzard
10 Ways to Use Your SMART Board

Sheryl Ferlito
Using Smartboard with Language! in Special Education

Video by Sarah White; double click to see full screen.
Dale Hopkins
Evaluation of "Southeast Michigan SMART Board User Conference"Evaluation.pdf