Fourth Annual SMART User Conference Presenter Handouts

March 9, 2013 at Seneca Middle School, Macomb, MI

Check back here after the conference to download documents and handouts from our presenters.

Session Title
Presenter Name

Creating SMART Board Games from Exchange or from Scratch
Jeff Vitale

Enhance Your Instruction with the Interactive Whiteboard
Diana Shubnell

Using SMART Response to Engage Students
Rene Ribant-Amthor

Wacky Widgets for Notebook 11
Rita Hughes

A Few of Our favorite Tools
Robyn Oesterle

Using the Lesson Activity Toolkit in SMART Notebooks
Stephanie Galba

Using SMART to Introduce Content and Measure Student Understanding
Kelly Dittenber

SMART for World Language Teachers
Carolyn Esquivel

Hip Hop in the SMART Classroom
Terry Wilson

Sarah White

Capturing Your Lesson
Mike Simon

Secondary Reveal Techniques
Ken Osaer

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Internet resources for SMART
Jan Harding

Introduction to Math Tools
Craig McBain

Creating an Engaged Classroom
Rodney Reeves

Getting Started with SMART Response - A Beginner's Guide
Sheila Majask

Smart Board Tips and Tricks
Gina Ventimiglia